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Oct 15, 2016

The advantage of consultative leadership

A consultative leader is someone who consults first before making any organizational decisions. The main strength of this leadership style is it allows the leader to solicit the inputs of any organizational member. The leader listens to his subordinates and peers yet he still commands the authority and respect in the organization.

This practice of leadership is very helpful for a leader because it creates a  we belong feeling amongst organizational members. Just imagine when your boss consults with you. How would you feel? Of course you will feel very important and at home in the organization because there is this feeling that you are very much valued by your leader/manager. And the end result is you will be motivated to work harder simply because you know that you are valued by your leader.

Being a consultative leader also enhances your adeptness in the organization and it also enhances your value as a leader. Once you consult with your people you actually multiply your awareness on what is really going on the floor. It will also show that you are a humble leader who knows how to bend or listen and a leader who does not have a very high regard of himself/herself.

Of course as the leader/manager you ultimately retain the power to decide but it will greatly help you if you’ll learn how to practice consultative leadership. It will not only enhance your value as a leader you will also be pushing forward the morale of your subordinates.  

Why not try to become a consultative leader now and see the positive impact that it will bring into your position as a leader/manager? - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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