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May 7, 2014

Learn to share you authority

One aspect of leadership is it deals with authority that emanates from the leader. This authority cascades down to the lowest level in the organization. As such there are some leaders/managers who exploit this authority to the hilt. They become too autocratic that they centralize every organizational decisions and power.

But is centralization of authority and power correct? A good leader is someone who knows when and how to share his authority. He must learn to trust his subordinates by sharing some of his authority with them. In return the leader is enhancing his subordinates’ commitment   and dedication to his job and to their organization as a whole.

We must remember that a leader doesn’t exist for oneself alone; he deals with his people and he motivates them to work hard. Therefore it is a must for leaders to know how to share their authority with their subordinates.

Being the one who directly know their abilities the leader should calibrate the authority that he will be sharing with his subordinate. He must also ensure that there is a responsibility and accountability attached for every degree of authority that is shared.

Think about sharing some of your authority, it will be good for you, for your subordinates and for your organization. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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