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May 22, 2014

What is the Culture of your Organization?

Organization culture or corporate culture is the soul of an organization it is unseen but you can easily feel and perceive it. For example, how the employees behave (shared values), their esprit de corps, their organizational beliefs and ideals.  

Those in charge of implementing this culture are the top management and their main responsibility is to see to it that the culture that they want to implement is cascaded down to the lowest level member of the organization.

Let us take for example a successful technology based organization. If someone is asked of its organization’s culture what comes to mind is its continuous culture of innovation. And its competent workforce that is why it is always ahead from its competitors.

Positive culture in organization is implemented by means of effective communication using the methods of lectures, training and workshop. Then, there will be specific time frames to measure its effectiveness in terms of employee attitudes and shared values directly related to their productivity.

Aside from achieving profitability the main agenda of Organization Culture is to create a collective positive identity inside as well as outside of the organization. This is the reason why when a successful organization is mentioned we immediately have an idea about its competitive identity simply because that is their culture.

What is the present culture of your organization? - Marino J. Dasmarinas