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May 9, 2014

The crucial role of positive employee attitude

The attitudes of employees are catalyst to organizational success and failure. If employees have a positive attitude towards their work, it will make the achievement of organizational goals a lot easier for management.

But are there sure-fire methods to ensure that employees will have a positive attitude towards their work? Yes there are here are three:

1. Equitably treat your employees. For example on the aspect of salary, give them what is rightfully due to them. If your organization is earning it is just right that you plough back some of the earning to your employees’ salary and non-salary benefits. But the reality is some organizations are very selfish for the reason that they don’t want to give what is rightfully due to their employees.

2. Respect their dignity by way of providing them habitable and humane working conditions. If workers are not provided humane working conditions their productivity is always affected. How could they meet their goals if their working condition is not suitable?

 3. Lead by example: If you say that you want them to render overtime work because there is a sudden increase of the demand of your products. It is proper that you also render overtime work even if it is an unpaid overtime.  Be there with your subordinates your presence is essential to their motivation.

In this age of cutting-edge technology your human resources or employees are still the most vital component of your organization. Treat them well because their positive work attitude is vital to your organization’s success. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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