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May 14, 2014

The functions of Management and its effects in your Organization

They say that no man is an island, thus all of us belong to an organization: Family organization, company organization, church organization, government organization or any other organization.

For these organizations to function properly there must be someone who will take charge and run it using the four functions of management namely: Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. A very good leader must know how to properly engage these four functions of management otherwise if he doesn’t know how to use these four functions there will be failure in the organization.

The first function is Planning:

In Planning, a very good leader/manager must set realistic goals and he must strategize on how he could best achieve these goals. For example if the goal is to put up a new business, let us say a restaurant. The first step if we like to put up a restaurant business is to conduct a feasibility study so that we would know if the business has a chance to succeed (the traffic of people, the location, the financial capability of the population etc…). If the outcome of our FS is favorable then we must set in motion the goals and how we could best achieve it.

The next Management function that we must do is to Organize:

In Organizing, the leader/manager should see to it that the human and non human assets are properly organized so that the anticipated plan could be successfully carried out. The process that goes here are the following:

1. Recruitment of human resources and seeing to it that they are qualified and could effectively carry out their job description.

2. Procurement of the non human resources that the restaurant needs for it to begin its operation we must also see to it that these are of best quality so that we could maximize its usefulness and effectiveness.

Then comes the next function is called Leading:

A good leader must be hands on in a restaurant business or in any business for that matter. So that he will have a firsthand experience about the many  environments within the organization. He would have to influence and lead the way for his workers so that they will have a positive work attitude that will result on the achievement of the goals of his organization.

The last functions but certainly not the least is Controlling:

The function of Management Control is not an end function of management. It could come while the Planning, Organizing and Leading functions are on-going. For instance in the business Planning stage once the owner realizes that his plan is somewhat unrealistic already, then that’s the time where the function of Controlling will come in. the same scenarios goes for Leading and Organizing. Basically the function of Controlling is a regulatory function that creates check and balance in an organization so that actual performance will measure up to forecasted goals.

Management is an on-going process, this simply means that for as long as the organization exist these four functions of management will also continue to move and operate. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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