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Apr 24, 2014

Consideration as method of motivation

Mr. X is an employee in a production intensive organization as such his organization requires him to be present for work most of the time. This is for the reason that their product is a basic necessity of life. His manager wants from him his utmost work commitment. And if he is on a day-off he would ask him to always leave his mobile phone open for any work related issues that he may be called upon.

Mr. X being a widower is both a father and mother to his young children as such there are times that he is forced to absent from his work. If he is asked to render overtime work he sometimes is not able to do so and he would always ask consideration from his boss to understand his plight.

As a boss or manager, is it Ok to stretch the limits of your consideration toward an employees such as Mr. X? Of course, we must at all times be considerate to workers such as Mr. X for he has a valid reason. Aside from that, it will not be all the time that workers such as Mr. X would be asking for consideration.

There would also be instances in the future that you as their boss/manager would be asking consideration from them. When the time comes that you would ask them work related favors such as extended working hours if they are available you could be assured of their commitment.

Why is this so? Because we are rational people with emotions; we keep and remember in our hearts good things that are done to us. When the appropriate time comes for us to pay back the good deeds that were extended to us we would gladly do so.  This is actually basic human nature: We give back the good things that are done to us.

Consideration is a very good tool for motivation. Consideration is also an effective motivational instrument to gain the wholehearted commitment of your subordinates. If we are still in doubt about this premise?

Just try being reasonably considerate to your subordinates and see for yourself their enhanced motivation and commitment. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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