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Apr 16, 2014

The folly of knee-jerk reaction

Managers are leaders also; as such they are called to manage and lead their organization with efficiency and civility . However there would be instances when their abilities as managers and leaders would be tested by their subordinates. In such instances it is best for them not to react in haste.  It’s best to stay calm and composed under stressful situation.

For example if an ego tripper subordinate is challenging your authority to prop-up his high sense of himself. Be cool and be patient do not spontaneously react to his ego tripping because the moment you react without careful thought you will be at the losing end.

So how would you address this troublesome situation? Approach it with calm and civility by pretending not to mind it. Then after an hour or two schedule a personal meeting with the concerned person and during the meeting point to him/her mistakes. 

Clearly emphasize your authority and his duties as your subordinate after you’ve done this.  The concerned individual will be enlightened and he will surely appreciate your civility and diplomacy.

The mistake of thoughtless reaction is you will not gain anything from it except another troublesome situation in your organization. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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