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Apr 11, 2014

Should you always reward an exemplary performance with money?

Do you always need to recognize an exemplary performance from your subordinates? Yes!  It’s always a must that you recognize every exemplary performance from your employees. For the simple reason that recognition or reward is an integral part of motivation.

But there is this misconception that when we say recognize it means money or something that is material. Not true!  We can actually give rewards even without a price tag attached to it. 

For example, just calling up the attention of an effective employee during meetings is more than enough recognition. A tap on the shoulder coupled with a short pep talk is another priceless form of reward or motivation.

We should not always look at material things as our vehicle for reward because these things are temporary and  impersonal.  Besides it does not convey a lasting impression in the heart of the recipient/s. For a change why not try something that is not visible or not quantify by money yet will be forever felt by the heart.

What are these? verbal recognition during meetings, banners that conveys positive message and so forth. Motivation’s true purpose is best served when you reward your subordinates with things that are not quantified by money. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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