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Apr 22, 2014

Do you have these qualities of a Positive Leader?

Positive leaders are leaders who use humane and democratic methods to make his subordinates follow him. For example when imposing discipline such as verbal reprimand he would always see to it that the reprimand is done in private wherein nobody will be aware of it except the parties involve. 

He should not shout to his subordinates he should instead talk to them in a civilized manner. This is to let them know that there’s still a chance for them to straighten-up their behavior.

This is always the behavior of a positive leader. His end objective is always to motivate and not destroy the morale of his people. He would always think of ways to make them a contributor to the growth of the organization.

Another quality of a positive leader is his infectious positive outlook in life. You would never see him frown even during trying times he would always wear that optimistic smile on his face. And this is a very good behavior for a leader because his positive and optimistic behavior will certainly rub-off to his subordinates.

A positive leader is also very accessible to anyone of his subordinates; he does not create walls that only creates division in his organization. He is not egocentric nor a power tripper he instead is a model of humility and hardwork.

Just imagine an organization with a positive leader he will certainly bring his organization to greater heights. And he will certainly be a positive influence towards his subordinates.

Do you have these qualities of a Positive Leader? - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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