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Apr 15, 2014

The Importance of Consistency in Leadership

Mr. X is a newly designated manager in a government office, upon his assumption of his new leadership role. He spelled out what he wants to achieve in his new office, he stated the targets and he emphasized the discipline that he wants to be strictly observed by his subordinates. He was successful with his function of leadership during his first few months.

After a year he noticed that there was an obvious decline with the achievements of his subordinates and the discipline of his people has already waned also.     

He pondered on the decline of his subordinates achievement and behavior. He did not find anything that would say that he was the cause of the decline of his people’s achievement and behavior. Until he consulted a university professor who was an expert in organizational behavior. After a week of analysis and study the professor zeroed in on how the manager exercised his leadership and managerial function. Thus, the manager was asked by the professor: Are you still consistent on how you exercise your leadership functions?

This question made the leader think on how he exercised his functions as a manager and leader of his office. After honestly evaluating himself he found out that he was not as disciplined as before. He found out that he was not anymore people oriented like before for the reason that he hardly mingled with his subordinates anymore.

So the professor told him that his problem was his lack of consistency with his leadership functions. He was further told by the professor that he needs for bring back the same drive and fervor that he initially had when he first assumed his position of leadership.

The manager followed the advice And the office was back on its feet again. The targets were again meet and the discipline of his subordinates was at its best again.

Every now and then the problem of leadership consistency is a dilemma that every leader/manager encounters. The passing of time makes us complacent and this is not a good sign for a leader. A good leader is someone who is always consistent with his exercise of leadership all the time. He doesn’t waiver nor vacillate. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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